Saturday, January 21, 2006

Too much yellow

My Camry just wasn’t happy, even after an oil change last night. And, I realized that one of the headlamp bulbs was out, too. So I took it in and discovered that it did indeed need a new battery, on top of the bulb, and the ignition pump/valve something-something was getting stuck open and that caused the fuel to flood the engine something something something … and that’s why the car wouldn’t start when it was cold.

I thought, "Ohhh", and then thought (say it with me), "Cha-ching!"

The only good thing about that ordeal, other than knowing that my car is dependable again (knock on wood) is that I had two hours to kill in the waiting area and could read and draw.

Oh, and watching the waiting area tv and getting to see Cooper Anderson on CNN, too. But I digress.
[Yeah, I know, cheap thrills.]

The greens didn't come out how I'd had in mind, so I think I’m going to spend more time just playing with color more - color mixing and gradations. Sigh. I love my Moleskines, but the paper just doesn’t have as much tooth (texture) as artist’s sketching or watercolor paper, so the pigment goes on and layers differently ... Time to just go back and play with technique, I think. It’ll be good. The drawing part seems to require more thinking than I feel like doing right now. The playing with different colors and papers - - it takes a different kind of effort and concentration than drawing, and that’s about where my brain is right now.

Stay tuned.