Saturday, October 13, 2007


I went to the Pasadena Art Expo yesterday. I had two workshops; one on exhibiting your work and another on acrylic media collaging. Both very fun. I think the Art Expo is run by a different organization than it had been; the last time I went was probably over 15 years ago. I realize now that not only am I more well-versed in specialized art products, but in the time that’s passed, I’ve found great sources and local shops where I can find my graphic, drafting, modeling and art supplies, and that I’m not shy about stopping by to pick up supplies and indulge in browsing to see what’s new, too. So, seeing all the goodies there at the expo was great, but there wasn't anything there that insisted on coming back home with me.

It’s like going to the See’s store when you’ve already had your fill from the Cheesecake Factory. Or something. Oh yeah, like I wouldn't come home with a chocolated-covered caramel! Pf!

Okay, yeah, right. I did play with some new (? to me) water-soluble pencils from Derwent called Inktense. The pigment might be more intense than the other water-soluble pencils I already have, and, as advertised, the lead seems to be more firm, as well. I would have bought a set of those, but the vendor had chosen to not bring any pencils from that line! Duh! They were letting us take one pencil, free, as a reminder to go buy ‘em, when we find ‘em, though.

Here’s the first from my one, lonely, blue Inktense pencil.

p.s. I added a photo of the soup to the Mexican chicken soup post!