Thursday, October 25, 2007


Chopping chopping chopping. I just love fresh produce.

Leftover onion

... you know, you take what you have on hand, chop it up, saute it, throw it in a pot with organic chicken stock, and let it simmer. You invite weary souls in to share it, warm their bellies and help calm their recent, long dusty days.

With thoughts and prayers to the people who need an extra dose of comfort. You know who you are. If you feel like you need an extra serving, go ahead, there's plenty.

Turkey noodle soup
The unexpected ingredient here was the soy sauce. And I threw in a splash of the white wine that I STILL have in the fridge. Not drinkin' fast enough, I guess. We didn't have enough turkey, so I added roast chicken. Chicken, turkey; by the end of it, it didn't really matter. Yummy. And, yes, soooo good for you.


Ophelia Chong said...

i love those illustrations. there is something so subtle about them.
lovely line work. :O) ophelia

Desiree said...

Hey GF, I love your soup idea, I am going to start one too, a soup day. I found some recipes I like and will try some of yours. Hope all is well.

Wendee said...

@Ophelia - Thanks! You are too kind ;)

@D - yummy, huh? You should check out Toni Kelly's Soup Nights! And there are *seriously* yummy-looking recipes at: