Sunday, October 21, 2007

I left my heart ...

in San Francisco...

I'm so the SoCal girl. You weren't gonna fall for that, were ya'?

I'm back from a design conference in SF. I might not have left my heart there, but did leave my cold there (yay!). And apparently my luggage felt compelled to stay for an extra day (rolling my eyes and shaking my head). I'm back home, along with my luggage. Lots of great ideas, stories and thoughts from the conference, but for right now, I have to catch up with work and grading papers. More later.

But you can at least check out the photos:

Click here to see the photos.


Plain Jane said...

ah, lovely pics of MY home town. Well sort of. I was born and raised 26 miles south of SF, but my dad lived there so I spent lots of time in 'the city.' Did you go to the deYoung museum??