Thursday, January 06, 2011

Out and About / Hawaii, Part 1

Hawaii for the holidays means:

- Hundreds of roosters crowing well before dawn. You get used to sleeping through the cacophony. You know when you have to study new words for standardized college tests and you learn them but don't really think about what they'd actually mean, in practice? The ruckus at 3 AM was my SAT moment for 'cacophony'. 
Kahaluu sunrise

- Lots of food! Here's the potluck for New Year's Day. There was plenty more for Christmas and New Year's Eve. See the plate of futomaki sushi at around the center of the table? I would have been content to eat the whole plate. [sigh] Sharing... pfeh.
New Years Potluck!

- Lots of mosquitos! Lots of mosquito punk coils!
Mosquito punk

- Exploring the plants growing ...
Orchids and Ferns

Anthuriums and ferns

... everywhere!
Orchid on fence

More later