Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training update

Sorry to be away for so long. I've been very absorbed with training and stocking up on stretchy and compressive running gear. The training part has looked like this:

I'm running or walking about 5-6 days a week and targeting at least 10-12 miles per week. That's a lot of extra sweaty clothes in the laundry.

Since it stopped raining (I know, some of you are dealing with snow), I'm able to train outside on the pavement. The transition from treadmill to pavement has been a little rough. I'm back to running in shroter intervals on the pavement, which has been kind of a challenge. My hips hurt. My mind wanders. I check my Garmin trainer and go, "Gee, I've been running for only 2 minutes? and 3 to go? Yeesh." I had a nice breakthrough this week, though, and finally was able to add a :) to my training log, where it had been mostly
:( and :P s.

The 5K is in two weeks. I'd hoped to run it continuously. I'll see where I am as far as making progress in running for longer stretches. Right now I'm at 6x [run 5min / walk 2.5min], which gets to me about 3.25 miles. I'm aiming to just finish strong, though, and earning my right to plop down in front of the TV later that afternoon to have a nice beer during the Super Bowl!