Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Carnival weekend!

What's that, you say?
You have this strange craving for malasadas? Me, too. I wonder why...
You were kind of wishing you could find some really good mango chutney, too, huh?
Hmmmmmm. Strange cosmic coincidence? Or ...

Gasp! I was hoping to find some Carnival memorabilia, but everything considered, isn't amazing that I still have this stuff?

Okay guys, think fast:
If this weekend is Carnival 2007 weekend, then that means that the 1982 Carnival was ... uhhh .... 25 years ago. Remember the unintelligible team mumble/grumble on the Sound Booth? Was it really 25 years ago? Wow.

Now that's a Walk Down Memory Lane for ya'.

Carnival Trivia:
(from the Punahou School website)

The two hamburger booths each cook 108 patties every 10 minutes. At that rate they could make over 31,000 burgers at the carnival. Eat them your way: plain, teri or with cheese!

The Haku Lei Booth began in 1972. That makes 34 years. Do you have one?

2,100 gallons - over 33,000 cups - of Portuguese Bean Soup are enjoyed at Carnival. Why? It's great!

There are 64 booths and 18 E. K. Fernandez rides at the Punahou Carnival. How many have you tried?

In 2006, 8,000 jars of mango chutney and 2,000 jars of lilikoi butter were made for the Carnival. Fruit picking and cooking is completed during the summer. They still sell out on Friday!

Over 5,000 pounds of sugar was donated to the Carnival for malasadas. Is that why they are so good?

Anyone that plans on going - enjoy that malasada for me, okay?
Mmmmmm, mmmm.
I've missed that simple pleasure of life, and I've missed you!
With much aloha, especially this weekend,