Monday, January 08, 2007

Rededications, 2007

Before the year gets too old, before I get to the Hawaii trip, and more importantly, before I get distracted, there’s something I ought to do. I’ve read some really nice resolutions, some pensive and very spiritual, while some are very specific. There’s something appealing about specific, measurable goals, I have to say, like one I read:
“I will exercise my big fat body in some way or another at least once a week”.
Go girl!

The summaries of the year only hint of the tremendous transitions, challenges and adventures that everyone went through the last year. Wherever each of our hearts yearn to be during the next year, I hope that we can continue to share the support and caring, anonymously, distantly, in person or in thoughts.

I just re-read my list of Rededications from a year ago and am pleased that I managed to do most of them. Actually, I’d have to say that because of that dedication of the mind and heart, I find myself with rich stories and adventures to tell and a cast of really great, soulful people to share them with, as well. I guess, though, that I notably fell short of doing more of this “dust” thing, and that I didn’t really start sooner on my Christmas preparations. Oh well.
Heck, if my frame of mind helped me to find my way to the hunky J man, who cares about keeping up with dusting? I mean, really.

Anyway, for the new year, under heading of ‘pensive’, this is what I hope for:

Growing and steady faith to replace the clouds of doubt
A choice to act rather than to procrastinate
Peace, contentment and gratitude.

Here’s the original ‘Rededications’ list with minor edits and a few more tacked on at the end. I think it still works:

Stay better hydrated. Run more. Tell the people that you care about that you love them. Be brave. Be strong. Be gentle and tender. Show compassion. Have no regrets. Go to the beach. Cheer for the underdog (that goes without saying). Draw more. Share a smile with someone new that isn’t expecting it. Try new foods. Show forgiveness. Recycle. Dust. Eat ice cream and feel no remorse. Call an old friend. Call a new friend. Read more. Be a design advocate. Motivate the terrapins and other lurking readers to post comments. Sleep in. Wake up early. Be patient. Start preparations for Christmas earlier. Know what you want and go get it. Throw out the socks that you can't put into matching pairs. Recognize and really appreciate the ease and comfort of the back-and-forth. Commit in ink. Show up with champagne. Finish. Eat and type more mindfully. Go fast; Really, really fast. Hold on. Let go. Run some more. Draw some more. Dream big; really really big. Say “Yes”. Move. Support the visual and performing arts. Make lists and do everything on them. Make more lists. Quilt. Paint. Paint more. Cook. Cook more. Simplify. Choose more fresh produce. Learn if there’s a difference in using a {, [, or a >, in non-programming text. Trust your gut. Go ahead and put it all out there. Push the "send" button. Believe.


Plain Jane said...

beautiful, inspiring, kind hearted and thoughtful. A great list!! and screw the dust!

Wendee said...

Thanks Jane! I now have license to screw the dust! yippee!