Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trying to keep warm

Haven't been drawing much, but I did finish off this purple scarf. You know how I like purple things..

Brr, it's been cold.

We were away for the long MLK holiday weekend, and when I got back to my place, all my plants that are Hawaiian in origin (ti leaf and ginger), all looked pretty bleak. They're wishing they were back in Hawaii, too. I had to cut off the droopy stalks, moved the ginger plants inside til the danger of frost passes, and am hoping for a gentle spring and summer. I've been waiting for two years; maybe this year I'll get some sweet ginger blossoms.

Sweet ginger. [sigh]

Stay warm. I'm off to the quilt show. A whole convention center filled with quilts and pretty fabric to pet ("Who? Me? No...") ... now that'll warm your soul up. Mmmm-mm. Catch up with you in a bit. -w


Nan said...

Hope your plants survived the freeze Wendy. Thanks for noticing my blog posting! I was so surpised you spotted it!

Karen Winters said...

Stay warm wrapped up in your quilts, Wendee! I hope that your ginger survives.