Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just a little more time

I’m taking a break from preparing materials for teaching. Guess I should get away from the laptop, but it seems like a good excuse to do a brain dump and update you a little bit.

Yes, I owe you photos from Hawaii.
I also owe Jane a post with the cranberry sauce recipe.
And a description of Hawaiian style shaved ice for Karen.

[big sigh]

I’ve been:
- Reading, as quickly as I can, “Never Eat Alone”, “Presenting to Win” and “How to Grow as a Photographer” to put together material for my class
- Thinking about design
- Wondering if I want to teach the process when what I really want to do is be an advocate for the profession. And how do I do this and get paid for it? Hmm.
- Listening to a few people make rather quick judgments and offer somewhat unsolicited comments of caution. About me and my life.

That’s a topic for another day.
But, no, it wasn’t any of you people out there.

- and looking at my poor ginger plants that I’ve already cut down once to clear of droopy, cold-weakened leaves and my ti leaf plant that survived a trip from Hawaii and a somewhat accidental start of life here in Southern California, hoping that their roots have survived the frost. All we can do is wait for the weather to warm a bit and see.

Less heavier things:

- Listening to a new mix, which includes: Mana’s “Vivir sin aire”, Nickelback’s “Far Away” and Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”. And you thought all I listened to was bubble-gum pop of the Backstreet variety, didn’t you?
- Getting rid of extra stuff. I think I’m going to offer some of it here – books and (new) sketch journals in formats or sizes that I’m really not going to use but can’t take back to return. Stuff like that. Anyone want extra fabric for charity quilts, as well?
- Training for a local 5K in March. I’ve had to continue to baby my ankles, actually, so while you know I’m enjoying building time, distance and speed on the treadmill (“Woo!”), I’ll start running (instead of walking) on pavement in about another week. If it all goes well, I’d ultimately like to run this 5K in a time somewhere between my first two.
- Looking forward to the SuperBowl. I've been a fan of Peyton Manning's and, of course, of da' Bears as well. So I'll be happy no matter who wins.
- Enjoying reading about the meanderings of John Muir.
- Catching up with so many great, thoughtful journeys that the bloggers out there are on. You guys all distract me so, but you inspire me as well.

So I find myself saying over and again that I really want to:
- Read
- Write
- Listen to my music
- Quilt
- Paint
- Cook
- Bake
- Catch up with my design gal pals that are working way too late, way too hard.

I really want to dig out the tubes of acrylic paint tonight.
Where does the time go?

Hugs to you. xox -w