Thursday, January 25, 2007

Way back when

... when we all had big, permed hair. You had big hair, too. 'Fess up.

Circa 1989, Harmony, CA.
On my way to SF.

In my Tercel.

I'm going through my stuff, mercilessly tossing stuff. Well, almost mercilessly. There's a lot that's getting chucked out, but there are quite a few treasures that are being unearthed. In lieu of drawing and painting, I have to admit that it's been pretty enjoyable running across memories like this. And there's even more to share, too.

I took the coast route and about halfway up, my cassette deck (remember those?) died. When I got even further north, I ran out of radio stations to listen to. Aiiii.

I stopped overnight in Morro Bay and wandered through town. I remember picking up a postcard with a drawing of a person, sitting outdoors, drawing a scene of Morro Rock. Now that's kind of a sleepy town, or at least it was for that weekend.

I used to go up north to the Bay area for Labor Day weekend for the first few years after I moved to LA. I think we typically drove; now I fly. A few years ago, a bunch of classmates and I drove to Monterey for a conference, but it wasn't quite the same as before, not quite as leisurely. We were on a tight schedule and couldn't really stop to explore the towns along the way.

Life gets busy, huh? We all manage to travel pretty far - - every day for work - - but we really don't actually go anywhere. I mean, well, you know what I mean.

I feel like wandering a little bit.

Feels like time for another day-trip up the coast ...


Karen said...

I think you look cute with big hair, too!

Wendee said...

Aw thanks Karen.